Mrs. Bilkiss D


Manuka Honey MGO 550"

"Healed my old mother’s belly wound which was infected for quite long after a surgery. The Honey was directly applied to the wound.”

Manuka Honey MGO 550.png

Mrs. Jane A.K.

Manuka Testimonial 

“My symptoms of continuous coughing and dry throat disappeared after the intake of Manuka Honey MGO 400. I am planning to buy another jar.”

Manuka Honey MGO 400_edited.png

Ms. Zakia M

“I was prone to get sick quite often, however with the Manuka Immune Guard, my immunity received a boost and became more resilient"

Immune Guard.png

Mrs Khewantee R

"I am 75 years old and have diabetes i have discovered Monster cereals since last year  and now i can enjoy my breakfast  without fear every morning thanks to its natural ingredients”

Monster Breakfast in a Bag_Hot or Cold.j

Mrs. Salma M

Free and Fruity Muesli

“Perfect balance of cereal grains with fruit mixture and great for the digestive system”

very easy and quick to prepare in the morning. when i am out of time i carry the single pack and take it at the office"